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Success is a Journey not a destination.

 On this journey, we encounter stop signs, road blocks, breakdowns etc. These are times we need some sort of direction and motivation to propel us to keep moving forward, until we attain our own definition of success.
Change your life in 10 weeks! Become a Dental Assistant
 Becoming a Dental Assistant through courses at Dental Staff School will prepare you to enter one of the fastest growing professions in the Health Care industry. The Dental Staff School ensures our students are able to successfully enter the job market by offering a Dental Assisting program that includes classroom theory, lab procedures and externships. In only 10 weeks you will become a trained Dental Assistant with the skills necessary to begin a promising career making over $30,000 a year. The Dental Staff School will also provide you with a professional resume and assist with placement to ensure you find your perfect match after the program.
Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to our students:
To instill personal responsibilities in oral health care
To enhance personal worth, self sufficiency and positive self-esteem
To provide quality service to the dental profession
To be one of the best center of learning in the dental assisting profession!
CALL TODAY FOR A TOUR at (678)819-3919
Be the person that makes a difference!
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